Parents are very often battling with the problem of feeding their children healthy food.
The problem with healthy food is that it is not marketed in an exciting way for the child.
Like how the chips or colas or candies come in fancy colorful packing, with some exciting advertisements where happy faces are endorsing the product.
Whereas the healthy like fruits and vegetables for example do not come in any fancy packing and are forced by parents to eat and that too mostly under pressure.
As a parent keep yourself in the child’s position and see what would you be attracted to?
It is important that we attract the children to the healthy food first, before asking them to eat.
One way could be to eat that food yourself first and just showing how much you love it without giving it to the child. The children will naturally be interested to know what is it that you are relishing so much.
Being mindful of what you are eating and then introducing it to the children is a good idea.
Other way could be to make the children see their favourite cartoon characters eating healthy fruits and veggies. Popeye is one such example.
Another way can to make some interesting looking dishes out of the veggies and fruits, which catch the fancy of the child.
It would also be helpful to not get the things you do not want your child to eat home. Just do not buy them in your groceries.

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