In wake of so many people losing their life to hopelessness and despair, it becomes very important that we as parents develop our children emotionally.

It is important to recognize Emotional health and Mental health as an intrgral part of parenting along with the physical health.
Only when our children are able to handle themselves emotionally well, they can face the ups and downs of the life without loosing hope.

Only when the parents are well tuned into their child, that they can know what they are going through. Forming a strong emotional connection is essential to give the children a sense of support during their low phases.
Provide them a safe space where they can open up to you and talk about anything without the fear of being judged.

The parents should not dismiss the low moods of the children as just a phase which will sort soon, but recognize if they need help.
Learn to looks beyond the faux smiles of your child.

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