Make books your best friend and they will take you on an adventure like no other.
Inculcate in your children a passion for reading books. Help them to become comfortable with the books and not get daunted by them.
The infinite wisdom that they get by reading will be with them for life.

Some tips to help child develop a habit of reading.

😀If you want your child to be a reader, first you should be a reader.
😀Read out aloud to your children from a very young age.
😀The books given to the children should be age appropriate, so that they can understand the language well.
😀Get children the genre of books that they find interesting, this will help them to build interest.
😀Make reading at home a fun time, so that they look forward to it.
😀Read content that quenches their curiosity about any topic that they want to know about.

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