In this pandemic period there are many unwanted things that are thrusted upon us.

One on them being the “legitimate screen time increase” for the children.

Almost all the schools have started online classes to prevent loss of the academics. These classes are thus very important but at the same time are a cause of concern for the parents due to prolonged use of the screens.

The only way out is to find ways to co-exist with the technology.

The major cause of concern when it comes to screen time or technology is, the harmful electro-magnetic radiations which are emitted by these devices. This is the E-pollution. These radiations affect the growing bones, brain and eyes of the children. The prolonged inactivity can also lead to obesity and an early onset of many lifestyle disorders.

Here are some basic tips to protect the children from the harmful Electro Magnetic Radiation and other effects of using excessive screen.

  • Use the anti-glare screen protector for the laptops or desktops.
  •  If the children use glasses they can have lenses with anti-reflective coating on them.
  •  The brightness of the screen should be equal to that of the surrounding.
  •  The text size should be adjusted so that it is not too small.
  • You can ask your doctor for some exercises to strengthen the eye muscles.
  • Practicing frequent blinking is very important.
  • After every 20 minutes taking a break and looking at something at a distance of 20 metre for 20 seconds, is a good exercise to be followed.
  • The screens should be at a minimum distance of 2 feet from the child. So it is a good idea to give them desktop or if using laptops then they should be placed on a table away from their body.
  • There are many devices used to cast the contents of the hand held devices onto the TV screens. These can be used as the viewing distance increases and as a result the devices are away from the body and thus the electro-magnetic radiations are away from their body.
  • Every day one hour of physical activity is a must for the children. As prolonged inactivity by using and sitting in front of the devices can lead to obesity and other lifestyle related disorders.
  • The fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E, K should be an important part of the diet.
  • In a study by NASA, they identified certain plants which help to absorb the electro-magnetic radiations. These plants are Aloe Vera, snake plant, cacti, beetle leaf plant, spider plant. These plants can be used in and around the devices in the house.
  • There are certain gem stones that help in absorbing the electro-magnetic radiations. These can be worn in the neck or kept near the children when they are using the screens. These stones are Hematite, Pyrite, Magnetite and Black tourmaline.

The best solution is always to keep the use of technology and screens to a bare minimum for the children.

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