There is so much of negativity strewn around the place when it comes to the COVID -19 situation and the resulting lockdown. This prevalant negativity results in thie situation apperaring to be even more tough, than it actually is. Being a hopelessly optimistic person, here I would like to share some of my reflections about the positive side of the situation.

In the pre covid time because of our busy lifestyle we had started taking so many things for granted. Things like meeting friends, going to play at the park, taking a flight, shopping at the stores, and now suddenly these things are special again and we realise the value of these things.

  • I wish I had time : That one day which we all were waiting for, the day when we would start a healthy diet, when we will spend time with our children, when we will start taking the guitar lessons, well that day has arrived. So it is a good time to actually make full use and fulfill those wishes.
  • Family ties: People have realised the importance of the family and the strength that family gives in dire times. The quality time spent with family which used to happen once or twice on vacations is now abundantly available. Many families have strengthened their bonds and are in fact much closer now than ever.
  • Being with children: The children who used to crave for the attention of parents as they were busy due to work are getting the love and affection that they need. They are being nurtured in a way the children should be.
  • Self-healing: The pandemic has slowed things down and there is ample time to spend with our own self. This is a great time for introspection and know the emotions which you have to release, to recognise your wounds that are hidden deep inside you. Use this time to transform and evolve yourself into the person you are meant to be.
  • This is a time when the people have hopefully realised that all the things which they have been hoarding for all these years are a completely useless. Of all the things that they have been buying only the things which are actually of some importance are the ones which add value to their own being or to that of their family. All things acquired to please others have turned out to be waste.
  • With one common enemy to hate the humanity has actually united. People are helping those in need by giving food and other means of survival. The neighbours are helping the elderly and those who require support. Strangers are bonding with each other in the virtual space.
  • People are actually using their resources wisely and the wastage of food, water, electricity has been reduced considerably. Making use of what they have and being creative about using their reserves.

I hope that you reflect on these points and try to shift your focus from the negativity of the situation which is there to a more positive one. When you do not have control over certain situations in life, it is best to leave it to the higher consciousness and have faith in it.

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