Holi – in the pandemic

Holi also known as the β€œfestival of colours” is one of the most loved and awaited Indian festivals. This is one festival which is celebrated with great enthusiasm in almost the whole country. Playing with colors is the most joyous part of the Holi celebrations. They add life and vitality to the festival making it most […]

Positive lessons from the Lockdown

There is so much of negativity strewn around the place when it comes to the COVID -19 situation and the resulting lockdown. This prevalant negativity results in thie situation apperaring to be even more tough, than it actually is. Being a hopelessly optimistic person, here I would like to share some of my reflections about […]

Co-existing with Technology

In this pandemic period there are many unwanted things that are thrusted upon us. One on them being the “legitimate screen time increase” for the children. Almost all the schools have started online classes to prevent loss of the academics. These classes are thus very important but at the same time are a cause of […]

Keep Calm during Lockdown

Do not stress out yourself or your children to make the “π—―π—²π˜€π˜ π˜‚π˜€π—²” of this pandemic break.Everyone is already in a stressful situation, as this is something which is not in anyone’s control. And when we humans are not in control the stress and anxiety kicks in.Do not increase this stress by the added pressure […]

Make books your best friend

Make books your best friend and they will take you on an adventure like no other.Inculcate in your children a passion for reading books. Help them to become comfortable with the books and not get daunted by them.The infinite wisdom that they get by reading will be with them for life. Some tips to help […]

Sweet Talks

Always be mindful of the way you talk to your children.Sweet, encouraging and positive words from the parents help in building a good self esteem for the child. The child feels positive and confident with these words, and is encouraged and motivated to rise high.On the other hand harsh words, criticism and negative thoughts projected […]

Do Not Suffocate your Children with your Beliefs

If you fill in your children with your own beliefs and ideas, how and when will they develop their own?How and when will they develop an identity of their own?The children born to you are different from you, they should not roam in this world as a copy of their parents. If it so then […]

Emotional and Mental Health Awareness in Child

In wake of so many people losing their life to hopelessness and despair, it becomes very important that we as parents develop our children emotionally. It is important to recognize Emotional health and Mental health as an intrgral part of parenting along with the physical health.Only when our children are able to handle themselves emotionally […]

Making Children Eat Healthy!

Parents are very often battling with the problem of feeding their children healthy food.The problem with healthy food is that it is not marketed in an exciting way for the child.Like how the chips or colas or candies come in fancy colorful packing, with some exciting advertisements where happy faces are endorsing the product.Whereas the […]