Build A Strong Connectivity With Your Teen Child Using The Practices Taught In This Powerful 3-Day Workshop!

Here's Everything That You Will Get In The Workshop :

Why is it difficult for us as parents to communicate with our teen child?

There are so many physiological, hormonal and developmental changes happening during the teenage that the children have no clue why they feel so negative and unhappy and how to share that with parents. It can be very stressful for the parents as they often don’t know why the children are pulling away from them.

In my experience, thousands of loving parents have felt a kind of separation or disconnect from their children as they enter their teenage. They are trying to find a way to reestablish that connection but don’t know what is preventing them.

Maybe you’ve tried everything?

  • Initiating conversations – but you got a dry response
  • Offering suggestions and advice – but they don’t take it seriously
  • Trying to cheer them up – but it dosen’t work 


I’ve worked with many parents and taught them the ways in which they can help their children to transform the confusion and anxiety and form a successful relationship with each other.

What is This 3-Day Workshop on “Effective Communication with Teens”?

This 3 Day Masterclass on “Effective Communication with Teens”, is your step-by-step roadmap to tackle your problem to form an effective communication, ensuring you solve them once and for all. You will be learning about the cause of this issue. Also there will be many tips, techniques and strategies shared which will help you to re-establish that lost bond.

You Will Learn:

Day 1

Causes & Mistakes

  • Understanding the teen mind and conflicts
  • What causes the block in communication
  • 5 things you should never do when kids are overwhelmed, frustrated or stuck
  • Knowing the components of effective communication

Day 2

Techniques & Strategies

  • How to create a space where your kids share everything with you
  • Strategies to develop self-esteem in kids
  •  Ways to form the communication with children

Day 3

QnA & Discussion

  • Introducing powerful habits for future growth
  • Q n A Session

Dr. Mona Gujral

Dr. Mona Gujral is the author of bestselling book, “Raising a Mindful Parent”, a certified coach, and a subconscious re-programming coach.

She is a Dental Surgeon by qualification, who altered the course of her career to address the needs of her family and growing children.

Dr. Mona Gujral is a Council member of WICCI Rajasthan in Elementary education. She is a Mindful Parenting speaker and has done many programs and talks in some the prestigious schools in the country.

Dr. Mona was awarded with the Power Woman Award in 2021 in recognition to her contribution in the field of parenting by the Lead India Foundation, founded by the Late President Shri Abdul Kalam.

She has a private practice in Gurgaon where she counsels and guides the parents to help them create enriching relationships with their children.

She has a number of workshops and programs for the parents and children to help them work towards a successful future.

Dr. Mona Gujral

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