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Garbha Sanskara

Garbha Sanskara is a process to achieve physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, social development of the unborn baby inside the mother’s womb. It is a complete pregnancy care guideline to get a marvelous healthy child. It is this crucial period of ‘nine months’ when maximum efforts are to be taken for betterment of the offspring. Now it is scientifically proved that the unborn baby can not only listen and feel but it also responds to any external stimuli.

3-Day Masterclass On parenting of teens!

Parenting a teenager is like a second chance to live your own life. It is therefore a thrilling but at the same time a very challenging phase in parenting. 

These teen years (13-18years) are very crucial for the children to develop future relation with their parents with the world, as well as for the direction their career is going to shape.


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