#5DAYCHALLENGE Increase Your Child’s Memory Power

With Dr.Mona Gujral

Join us live on the 10th.

January 2021 – 5 PM IST

Increase Your Child’s Memory & Retention Power

To make their learning also easy and fun-filled. This is by knowing how to Utilize the hidden power of your Subconscious Mind to enjoy Unlimited Memory

DAY 1 – 10th. January 2021 – 5 PM IST

In this Program you will learn how to:
1. Learn the Untold Secrets of faster Memory and Retention
2. Memorize anything 10 times faster in first reading
3. Building Rock Solid Confidence in exams
4. Understanding the 3 modes of your child’s learning

DAY 1 – 10th. January 2021 – 5 PM IST

Dr. Mona Gujraal Courses

Meet The Speaker

Dr. Mona Gujral is a Gurgaon based Mindful Parenting speaker, coach, and author for parents who want to create enriching relationships with their children and raise incredibly confident, happy, fully expressed kids who are thriving emotionally.

“Increase Your Child’s Memory & Retention Power”

10th January 2021 – 5 PM IST

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